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I'm trying to get a clearer picture of the advantages or disadvantages of a Fisher 37 over a 34 (or visa versa) in terms of space, sailing performance, etc.

I will be living aboard, and usually singlehanding, FWIW.

The layouts (albeit having varied a bit over the years) are pretty close, and it's not completely clear from looking at 100s of photos exactly where all of the space differences are, and whether they are really meaningful or useful.

I'm also interested in experienced opinions about sailing performance. I've read several places that the 34 is the best sailer of the family (apparently due to "a more pronounced bow", whatever that means) but am wondering if that is true in practice.

For those in the know, would you stretch your budget to go for the 37 or would you opt for the 34?

Please, I don't want to get into a long drawn out discussion (in this particular thread) about pros and cons of Fisher motorsailors, or motorsailors in general. I'm looking for specific answers to the above questions from folks who have direct experience with these boats. Thanks!
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