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My wife and 2 kids will be spending 3 weeks aboard our Stevens 47 in the Virgin Islands starting next week. We will be in the USVI, Culebra, Vieques and the BVI.

I want to go fishing.... catch fish.... and eat fish!

What licenses must I have? I assume I will have to pay for a license in the USVI and another for Puerto Rico and yet another for the BVI? I have done google searches but I cannot find any info on exactly what licenses are required nor where to get them. Any help is greatly appreciated.

What fish can i spear on the reefs that are tasty? What other fishing tips can anyone provide?



Freedom 39
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No fishing license is needed in the USVI. In Puerto Rico, I am pretty sure none is required as well but not %100 confident. That would explain why you can't find any information on something that is non-existant.:) DO NOT fish in the BVI on your boat without a license. Their penalties are incredibly severe.

For fishing information I would suggest you stop by Neptunes in Redhook and tell them what you want to do. They are very helpful and will gladly share information and can supplement your existing lures. I would suspect your best bet will be trolling between islands in deep water with some tuna type lures giving you the opportunity to catch tuna, wahoo and mahi (AKA dorado and dolphin), all of which are tasty. In shallower waters, less than 100', you will probably catch mostly barracuda. They can be fun to catch but do NOT eat them.

The guy who runs the Admiralty Dive Center in the Holiday Inn on the waterfront is an avid speerfisherman and all around great guy. He can tell you what you can and can't legally take, along with more importantly what you do and do not want to eat. Ciguatera is a very serious condition that can result from eating fish. If you are not familiar with ciguatera you might wish to Google it or read this Ciguatera and the Fish that cause Ciguatera Poisoning I have spoken to people who have experienced it and it sounds like a brutal way to spend a few days. So many species are protected by law or are not safe to eat I found the identification process more difficult than the actual activity of speerfishing.

Many people around here that I know do not eat reef fish because of ciguatera. I do not know if it is as common in the Spanish VI's. Generally, other than barracuda, it is safe to eat most anything that you'll catch in the open water.

This is getting too long, PM me if I can provide more assistance on fishing strategies.

Good luck!!!!

Salty Dog
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No license required in the USVI, we fished aboard S/V Sanctuary, an Island Spirit 37 catamaran on a trip STT- Culebra/Culebrita/Cieques.
What a great trip, really different than the BVI's!

Caught this nice Blackfin Tuna at the drop off near STT on our trek from Vieques to STT.
We called Epernay, a neat yet pricey French restaraunt in CA and they served it up for us both sushi and seared!

We caught other fish, bonito, barracuda and horse eyed jack but kept this one.

A permit is ABSOLUTELY required in the BVI's! You can arrange for one to be delivered to any charter base by contacting Scott at Island Surf and Sail BVI - Water Toys and Water sport rentals experts in the British Virgin Islands

Tell saildoggie sent 'Ya!

More BVI/SVI videos/pics here:

saildoggie/virgins 08 - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Have a GREAT trip!!
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