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I am in the process of resetting the leaky fixed port lights of my 1979 Pearson. The aluminum frames are in two sections (top and bottom), with the halves held in place by a metal tab on each side affixed to the frame with two small screws each. The glass is a tinted safety glass. The silicone and vinyl channel material had degraded over the years to allow water to seep around the glass during heavy rain events. I am considering using either West Multi Caulk or 3M 4000 UV in the channels to adhere the glass to the frames. (Both are a polyether, and I will be using black for cosmetic purposes). The West site recommends its own product to adhere glass to metal, but it does not appear to have UV resistant qualities. The 3M product does, but the 3M website seems to indicate that it is better suited for adhering plastics such a Lexan, to metal. I am hoping that in doing this project properly this first time, I will not have to re-address the leaking around the glass for many, many years to come.

Has anyone utilized either of these products for such an application; and what advice/recommendations can you share?

Also, I am considering resetting the frames with butyl bedding. I replaced the opening ports a couple seasons ago with that material, and have been very satisfied with the results. However, those ports are held together by bolts, whereas, my fixed ports simply set into the cabin top holes, and are then held in place from the inside with a flange attached to the port light frame by screws. It looks like the frames were held in place by an adhesive tape from the factory. Any concerns readers may have about this resetting of the ports is also appreciated.

Photographs and a good description of the project can be found at

Thank you in advance for your input.
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