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We were in Defender today and saw Taylor Made Modular Flat Fenders. Does anyone have any experience with them, or thoughts? It seemed like they would take up a lot less space in our lazarette than the traditional fenders, but then I also thought that if they were so great, why isn't everyone using them?
CT, not sure about the Taylor Made ones, but I have a couple of flat fenders on board that rarely (if ever) get used.

The main reasons I don't use them is (a) with a larger flat surface area they make more of a mess of your topsides finish than the regular round inflatables when (not if) the boat shifts and (b) they don't 'flex' as much as inflatables and so don't appear to absorb the loads of coming alongside as well.

They're perhaps better when used with a fender-board (for the hull side - not the dock-side), but even then they're not my first choice..
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