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Looking to trade up from a Flicka to a C37 in anticipation of a cruise. Any issues that I should look out for while searching for a C37? I am currently looking at models from the 1990's. Also, any brokers or surveyors in the Los Angeles area with specific knowledge of PSC designs? Anyone interested in a trade? Or in a '78 Flicka?

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PSC 37 Inspection/Survey questions

I did a rather extensive check of the archives for this board and some others and came up with the surprisingly short list of questions below. Good luck in your search,

Jay PSC 37 # 171, Kenlanu


Questions for inspection and Survey
Specific concerns gathered from the Internet Discussion Groups:
Compression Post
Rot in the very bottom of the compression post
Rot at the lip of shower pan
What material compression post is made of below floors - if oak double or triple check rot down there
Check the limber holes in the structural bulkheads in the bilge and under the head. Some limber holes were not finished and rot started in there.
Check the midship structural bulkheads where they join the hull to be sure there is no delamination or stress damage
Check bottom of thwartship brace aft of the fuel tank for rot at bottom
Check for possible rot resulting form condensation at hull/deck joint around upholstered plywood edge of overhead.
Check for osmotic blisters

Condition of steering cables, and gear (hard to get at)
With wheel locked, play in rudder? PSC says holes in rudder post (?rudder bolts) may enlarge and require a sleeve or a larger bolt. Not good.

Condition of rigging after hard usage.
Condition of Chainplates. There are many reports of cracks especially cracks near the top bolt hole/head, rust streaking. This is especially a problem because of use of square carriage bolts which localize stress at corners of holes.

Engine oil analysis on diesel.
Fuel tank, look for deterioration at bottom of tank (?how?)
Leaking on lid of aft water tank
Smell in head
Permeated hoses?
Hairline cracks in tank?
Cover on holding tank? (check under v-berth cushion! )

Check for sticky spots of uncured gel-coat in lockers (vee berth and cockpit)
Can gel coat be restored with compounding and waxing?

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DreamCatcher Yachts in Dana Point is the California sales rep for PSC. They have a good bunch of brokers who can help you find a PSC for you. They helped me find my Orion 27. I worked with them for 2 years until I found the one I bought. If Dave Barker is still working for them, he is very knowledgeable on PSC sailboats. Great guy to have on your side.
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