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Florence Arthaud killed in helicopter crash

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I read her bio not long ago. I hate seeing such a young and vivasious person leave this earth so early in life.

At 17, she was in a serious car accident, which resulted in paralysis. In 1990, Arthaud, one of the first women to obtain the record for the fastest solitary crossing of the North Atlantic.
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That was very upsetting news. Its hard to overstate the courage of women distance racing pioneers like Isabelle Autissier and Florence Arthaud.

She was more than just courageous, my friend :)

Amazing woman, amazing sailor... But in a sense, she was already living on borrowed time... Not many solo sailors fall overboard at sea, after all, and live to tell the tale...

Female solo sailor saved by mobile phone after falling overboard - Telegraph

Damn helicopters, few things scare me more than getting into a freakin' chopper... I still can't believe I once shot a Friday practice session of the Australian GP from a helo piloted by a guy who went by the name of "Cheater"... :)

Sail on, girl...

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