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Florida anchoring restrictions survey

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The FWC has developed an online survey for future use in drafting anchoring restrictions for local municipalities. Their goal is to allow cities and local governments the ability to restrict your rights to anchor in certain places. Most notably, in areas that have waterfront homeowners who think they have a right to govern the water behind their homes.

Boaters need to make sure that any restrictions on anchoring are done on a state-wide basis.

The survey and it’s “concepts” are designed to restrict your ability to choose where and for how long you can anchor. Please respond to the survey, even if you don’t live in Florida.

My suggestion is that you mark question #7 as “None - Authority to regulate should remain with the state”

Also, my suggestion is to “strongly disagree” with the “concepts” so that they come up with a state-wide solution to the problems they present.

Derelict boats and stored in-water boats are a problem in Florida, but we need a state-wide solution. Not local governments choosing when and where you can anchor.

Can't link, but you can find it here:
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Some years back, the Marco Island home owner's association took offense at a 70' shrimp boat I purchased from a customs auction.
They forced the boat from my marina and after a bit of research, I found a loophole. The ICW is a federal waterway, not coming under town or state regulations. If you anchor within the federal jurisdiction, but outside the navigable waterway, the local and state leo's are powerless to bother you, legally. Mind you I was extremely courteous when the city police, county sheriff and finally the FMP came by to hassle me, but all accepted that they were powerless to make me move.
Oddly enough, my shrimper was such an eyesore for the Marco Island home owner's association, that they found me a slip close by, but out of sight, AND paid the first 6 month's rent, just to get me to move.
The rich and famous ain't that smart. A number of years back, the Palm Beach City council passed a no liveaboard law for their waters. Unthinkingly, it covered their yachts behind the mansions and in the marina, so when we brought the yacht home, the owners had to rent the yacht crews hotel rooms, rather than have us aboard the yachts.
I don't think that law lasted but a season or two. Dumb.
So now the FMP and local leo's will be running around the anchorages with a yardstick measuring the 150'? Perfect. With all the serious crime in Fla, let's send the leo's out for a day on the water, at taxpayer expense, to hassle the oh so dangerous yachties. Yep, that's a great use of available resources. And of course they will have to raise taxes to pay for the officers and equipment necessary for keeping all these dangerous yachties in check. You gotta love Florida!
1 - 3 of 126 Posts
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