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Florida anchoring restrictions survey

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The FWC has developed an online survey for future use in drafting anchoring restrictions for local municipalities. Their goal is to allow cities and local governments the ability to restrict your rights to anchor in certain places. Most notably, in areas that have waterfront homeowners who think they have a right to govern the water behind their homes.

Boaters need to make sure that any restrictions on anchoring are done on a state-wide basis.

The survey and it’s “concepts” are designed to restrict your ability to choose where and for how long you can anchor. Please respond to the survey, even if you don’t live in Florida.

My suggestion is that you mark question #7 as “None - Authority to regulate should remain with the state”

Also, my suggestion is to “strongly disagree” with the “concepts” so that they come up with a state-wide solution to the problems they present.

Derelict boats and stored in-water boats are a problem in Florida, but we need a state-wide solution. Not local governments choosing when and where you can anchor.

Can't link, but you can find it here:
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I think the real problem with all of this is that it will just become another law that is enforced only for the rich and famous. If you're just a normal waterfront home owner you'll just be run through the merry go round of police agencies. If you're a judge or other important person they'll be right there, unless the owner of the boat is a judge or VIP. Letting each local agency create it's own rules is ridiculous, it infringes on our rights as tax payers who own the water and only gives the town the right to write tickets to pay for enforcement.

If those people really want to control the water they need to purchase that right. In Fl you can lease the submerged lands, the marinas all have to do this. At least then these people would have to pay for that view.

There are already laws on the books in FL that address abandoned or derelict boats. The agencies don't enforce the laws. Why? the state doesn't give them any money to do so. The gas tax and registration fees all go to other projects. Solving that problem is a no brainer. If you abandon your boat or sell it without properly transferring the title, you are still responsible for it as the last documented owner and you will get the bill from the state for recycling it.
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