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MAY 15, 16, 17


E-Mail #3

OK, It's getting close. Planning is progressing and we have been hearing from quite a few people. We hope to have a great turnout. New boats are being built and hopefully some of those will be completed in time to use this as their shakedown cruise. Hope that you can make it. Please let me know if you are thinking of attending.


We will be holding a summer rendezvous in May 2009. Specifically, May 15, 16 and 17. It will be in Islamorada, FL (Florida Keys).

We are expecting Wharrams of various sizes and descriptions. As of writing this email we are expecting the following boats: Melanesia 17, Tiki 21, Tiki 26, Tangaroa 29, Tanenui 29, Tiki 30, Pahi 31, Tangaroa 36, Tiki 38, Narai 42…and maybe more.

Please bring your dinghy if you can….we always need more transport!

The Florida Keys are a wonderful place to visit. Everything is close to our anchorage and nearly everything you might need is within walking distance. Please note that May is still high season in the Keys. Prices are high and traffic is heavy…some of the yearly sufferings we must go through in Paradise!

We will be anchoring behind the Lorelei Restaurant at Mile Marker (MM) 82 Bayside in Islamorada (approximately N24.55.5; W80.38). The Lorelei is a landmark in the Keys and I'm sure that some of you have been there before. The holding is mud underlaid with coral and the Lorelei will allow us to use their property for dinghies (about ¼ mile from the anchored boats). We suggest you use two anchors if it is blowing above 15. This will help avoid dancing with the mangroves downwind.

We will hold our Saturday evening party at the Lorelei. We will have either a limited menu or a buffet this year. The Lorelei has live music every evening. Dining is mostly outdoors, although the bar area is covered (priorities!). Many of us will use the restaurant for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The menu ranges from hamburgers, fish and conch sandwiches to full meals. The food is very good and the ambience is definitely "keysey". The Lorelei is both a local's and tourist hangout.

Kayak rentals are usually available for those who would like to paddle through the mangrove islands. We will also have one of the new AERE' 3.7 Inflatable Catamarans available for everyone to enjoy. Sails great and fits in the back seat of a small car. (OK, this is unabashed promotion for my new product - which is now in production and on the market…and selling quite well. Two Wharram owners now have them!)

What Do People Do at a Wharram Rendezvous? We talk about Wharrams. We tell stories…some may even be true. We compare notes. We share pictures. We look at plans. We take pictures of each other's boats and get some really good (and a few bad) ideas. If you haven't seen a Wharram, are building a Wharram, thinking about sailing and cruising for a reasonable amount of money, want to do something unique or just like multihulls (or boats of any kind) we welcome you to the event. We welcome everyone…trimarans and even "half-boaters" (monohulls) too. Stinkpotters are welcome if you are really nice! If you just want to come and hang out that is OK too! Oh, yes, we do eat and drink a lot!

More Questions?
Call Dan on his cell at 305-393-3485 or on the home phone 305-664-0190 (which is forwarded to the cell). Or, send an email to [email protected].

OK, you have plenty of notice…just get here!!!!
See you in May.
Fair Winds
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