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There's no telling what "foam" is, at the consumer level. Suppliers cheat manufacturers, real testing costs money, everyone wants cheap because ten years down the line, who remembers what they bought?
But most foam will dry out and get brittle as it ages, bargain foam most likely to go first. So you've got what you've got and the best you can do is really clean off the old stuff (scraper, solvent, heat gun, rabid gerbils, your choice) and use a good brand-name adhesive to apply the new stuff.

There are plenty of "contact" adhesives that will do the job. With or without solvents. Canned or spray. You can trowel on something like a "cove base adhesive" which is designed to attach plastic cove moldings around floors, and those are usually inexpensive and robust. But a two-part adhesive usually grabs and sets fastest, and troweling onto foam is a mess, so a spray adhesive is usually a much faster cleaner way to go. (Spraying in closed spaces, ventilation, protection, etc. not to be ignored.)

I'm a 3M fan. They make a number of "Sprayments" spray adhesives, and if you give them a call, they'll tell you which ones grab best to foam and fiberglass, or paint, or wood, and hold permanently under high temperatures on overheads, etc. (A hot deck can make the cheaper glues let go.)

The glue is not something to cheap out on. If not 3M, some other premium brand name.
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