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I once built a lead shoe for the bottom of a fin keel 26 footer but it only weighed 200 lbs. I used 5 lag screws and Marinetex to hold it to the bottom of the exisitng keel. When I was done you could not tell it was not original.

However you are talking about a lot more weight and even distributed along a full keel would be difficult if not impossble to attach properly. I agree you would be much better off adding it internaly.

I purchased my lead from a scrap yard. Do you have any idea how many tire weights it would take for your boat. :)

I melted mine over a wood fire in a heavy steel pail but with the amount of lead you are talking about this would not be adequate. Another option if you really want to go outside would be to contact Marsmetal and they will cast whatever you want but it will be expensive.

Good Luck

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