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I have about 800 lbs of lead pigs on top of the concrete keel cap in my OS33 Cheoy Lee. It does wonders for stability and seakindliness. It takes 20 kts wind on a taught bowline to get the cap rail in the drink.

I suggest buying commercial pigs and using chembolts to bolt them into your concrete. Chembolts are anchor bolts with a glass tube of some horrible goo that is probably toxic and radioactive, but which stay put forever. As with anchor bolts, you drill a hole for the bolt, but then you put the glass tube in the hole, and drive in the bolt, which has a mixing head on it. This mixes and activates the goo, and once is sets (in minutes), will never come out - so in the event you turn turtle, the lead will not fall on your head.

Also, if you paint the lead gold, like I did, you can tell little kids that there is pirate treasure under the sole.

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