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here is a thought. if you have access to the top of the concrete you could core drill a hole down in to the crete. a core driller does not use impact, it uses diamond bits, that will cut steel. you could drill a bunch of 4 inch holes down about a foot in to the concrete, then cast a lead slug inside of some 4 inch steel pipe, then epoxy the slugs in. the casting would be easy enough to do at home due to size, being only about a gallon per tube. the core drilling would take a better part of a day but it could be done while the lead is melting.

a real poor mans way of getting lead would be to go to a gun range and get permission to collect the lead from the back stops. they would probably let you get it for the scrap price, or maybe free, but you will have a bunch of brass to remove from the molten lead
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