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Think Blister, Mister!

Why not template the keel at the base and have Mars cast a couple of blisters (a tear-drop shape split along the center-line and milled to the template) that you can bolt to either side of the keel with bolts through the blisters/keel just above the base. With the yacht trued up you should be able to bore 4 holes through the transverse axis of the keel to epoxy four 1/2" dia mounting bolts in place over which the blisters would mount on either side in counter-sunk mounting holes with a layer of bedding compound on the bearing faces of the blisters. Once the nuts are locked down, the counter bores can be fillted with epoxy fairing compound and the whole business painted.

Been there, done that, got the T-Shirt. Not hard and not unduly costly.

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