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Foulies:Gill Atlantic or Keelboat for Lake Michigan?

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I found a closeout sale on Gill Atlantic and Keelboat foulies. Its $100 more for the Atlantic. I will be sailing primarily on Lake Michigan where temps will be between 40 degrees-90 degrees. Rough weather will be part of my sailing.

Will the Atlantic foulies be overkill?

thx in advance:)
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My experience is with Gill Key West. I have used them happily in weather from 35-70 degrees. Above 70 if it rains I wear a water proof pullover that is lightweight. The Atlantic are definitely a step up the foulies chain. What ever jacket you decide on make sure its big enough to wear a fleece vest underneath.

There's no such thing as foulie over kill on lake Michigan. When its cold, you'll want the heaviest thing you can get. When its warm, you won't care if you get a bit wet, however when a front comes thru bringing rain in the summer it generally cools off at the same time.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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