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Three of the four kittens described below have found homes. One is still looking for a cruiser to adopt her.
We are currently hauled out at Bock Marine in Beaufort, North Carolina. A boatyard cat had a litter of kittens about 8 weeks ago, and they've been fostered by a couple on a 31-foot boat.

Now it's time to find the 4 adorable boat kittens some permanent homes. They're boat-savvy, litterbox-trained, friendly, and ready to be spayed.

If you are moored somewhere in North Carolina, or you're on your way south, how about taking Ernie, Hope, Patience, or Glee on as crew? So far, they've only known life in drydock, but they are young and ready to be "cruising cats."

Drop us a private message and we'll send you some photos to melt your heart.


Meps 'n' Barry
s/v Flutterby, Freedom 33
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