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HI guys,

First off, great site .... second when I go from a forum index page and then in to a forum thread like the one the guy posted about useing solar power in the live aboard section.

The frame size goes "wonky" Yea, I know technical term (grin) What I mean is the messages expand to a size where to read it I have to expand the size of the window on my browser on the PC.

Or drag over the scroll bar on the bottom of the frame to be able to continue to read the sentances that thread they've posted. Is that me and my browser setttings or is it something I can fix or set?


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This can be fixed by the poster adding a very small amount of html code

instead of writing like this "EnterAddressForImageHere[IMG]"

use this instead <img src="EnterAddressForImageHere" width="276" height="280" />

Obviously changing the width and height accordingly ideal is 640px (full width) as long as you keep the ratio the same the image will display fine.

I have been guilty of posting oversized images myself when I first joined the forums but the reason this is even possible is vBulletin (forum framework) rather than sailnet.

[CENTER]but this is what to use instead...

[IMG]EnterAddressForImageHere :mad:

<img src="EnterAddressForImageHere" width="276" height="280" />:D[/CENTER]
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