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Hi Allan

I think you have the right approach to things and I am happy to see someone is really interested in learning the ropes and not just getting a certificate. Unfortunately I am in Annapolis, MD and it would not make sense for you to travel that far.

I wish there were more people with your attitude. I am single handing on the weekends most the time and I would not have any problems to take some newbie under my wings and teach him what I know, especially if this person is appreciative and offering helping with the work as well.

I offered crew positions on day sails and weekend cruises before in Florida (where I came from) but often found the expectation of the potential crew to want to learn only a couple specific topics (depending on the person) and still expecting to arrive to a fully prepped (and provisioned!) boat and hop off board as soon the boat is back in the slip or if staying for the after-sail-cleanup to expect to be invited by the skipper for dinner as compensation for the work.

I never understood this attitude and think many of these "interested in sailing" persons only look for a cheap way to catch a boat ride. I think if a skipper is willing to share precious time on a fairly expensive boat (and only a boat owner knows how much goes into this hobby every month!) crew should have more your attitude.

I am sure you will become a great sailor over time!
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