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Over the last 9+ years Multihull Dynamics has done series of Cal's Evals by Calvin H. Markwood, Engineering Analyst. Mr. Markwood has decided to make these freely available on the Multihull Dynamics website. They can be viewed at this link Multihull Dynamics, Inc. - News

Along with this we have decided to provide all the relevant reports we have done over this time as a free read as well.

Comparative Trend-Line reports can be viewed here Multihull Dynamics, Inc. - News

and the

Custom Multihull Evals, which include the Cal's Evals and the Trend-Line reports in one combined report can be viewed here Multihull Dynamics, Inc. - News

Some multihulls are in all three areas, other multihulls may be in only one type of report. The release date at the top of the page does not reflect the time period in which they were written or completed. In order to arrange them alphabetically I had to adjust the dates so the website would put them in an alphabetical order.

Not all reports or evals are posted, the remaining ones will be posted over the coming 30 days.

We hope you will enjoy these as it has been our pleasure to do this work,

Pat Ross and Cal Markwood
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