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We all know the drill. "You have a sailboat? I'd love to go sailing... give me a call!" You make the call and some (probably legitimate) excuse arises.
While I love to sail with people, the fact remains that I love to sail. Last Saturday was my last day of self-induced enslavement to other's whims. After making invites to a couple of buddies well in advance and getting last minute negative responses, I loosed the bonds that held me and took off by myself. I have been sailing for a few years, but never got around to doing it alone. My new to me C30 was just a little intimidating. Now the invitation reads: Leaving the dock around 10AM. If you would like to spend a pleasant day sailing, please be there by 9:45. I will have a nice day, anyway.
What a great feeling freedom is!! New found at 62!
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