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Freight from Miami to St Maarten or BVI - looking for a marine freight co.

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We are a couple of UK citizens, currently in Florida, looking to move on to a boat and we are looking at a couple of boats down island. Something that we need to factor in is getting some stuff [ used stuff mostly + a couple of solar panels ]from Florida to either St Maarten or the BVI.

A pallet sized crate should do the trick. Can anyone recommend a shipping company or agent who would be willing to handle this as spares for a yacht in transit. Does anyone know how difficult it is to get this sort of stuff through customs in the islands.

Has anyone used Caribbean Shipping Solutions?

John and Carol
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I have had a rudder shipped from France via Florida to the BVI and had good experiences with both the freight forwarders and the receiving end who expedited customs both times, once in the USA and once in the BVI. I can look that up tonight if you wish. I think you need to contact the receiving end first, you could try to use "The Workbench" on Virgin Gorda ([email protected]) for information.

I would highly recommend shipping to St. Martin/St. Maarten instead of the BVI. That way you will avoid possible (umm, "probable") customs issues in the BVI - regardless of the "yacht in transit" declaration. Better yet, ship to St. John/St. Thomas (since it is in the USA it will be cheaper and no customs) and pick it up there.
I have used Tropical for shipping down solar panels, electronics such as the controller and radios, and some other items and have very good service. Was shipping to St. Thomas where I popped over from BVI to pick it up. I plan on using them again for another shipment this December. They can also consolidate your shipment which may end up far less expensive than having each item ship individually.

Here is the link

Tropical Shipping - Bi-Weekly Sailing Schedule
Thanks realitycheck for the hint about shipping to St Thomas with Tropical. We will go this route!

John and Carol
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