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So after installing a new galley faucet not too long ago several problems reared their ugly heads. First, one of the pvc supply lines developed a pinhole - don't know if this was from over-flexing, age, or because it may have been punctured by something during install. Secondly, my water pressure pump has always been a point of contention as it is obnoxiously loud. Well, while pushing and flexing the fresh water supply lines during the install, several connection leaks became apparent so I've quit using the pressurized system and have put this at the top of my project list.

1.- I plan to replace all the hosing and connectors. Any recommendations on quality (and flexible) hosing and fittings would be appreciated.

2. - I'm considering replacing the pressure pump. It is an older Jabsco pump that may be original to the boat (the pump documentation was included in the owner materials when I purchased her). I've included a picture of it that also shows the current hosing and connectors. So does anyone have any recommendations on an electric pump that is both quality and quiet? I've noticed some of the "premium" pumps are now incorporating variable speed control on the pumps to better regulate consistent pressure - anyone have experience with this feature and is it worth the extra $? Thanks. DG


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