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Here is a game I like to call "scam or no scam". I think it is obvious what I think.

On Jan 14, 2014, at 6:49 AM, Ray Shoock <[email protected]> wrote:
>> I want to purchase your 2010 Garmin GMR18HD radome still available for
>> sale,What is the last asking price,I will like to pay using
>> PayPal,After payments has been made,I will arrange for the pick-up and
>> will you let my pick-up agent to come to you house for the pick
>> up?Because i don't want you to worry yourself about the
>> shipment,Kindly get back with more pictures.
>> Regards

My Response:

$5,000 and no additional pictures.

His response:

I appreciate your response,I'm an marine engineer and at this moment
am presently working offshore,Sometimes access to regular emails and
phone calls is very poor offshore due to inefficiency of the immarsat
service,I located in Pacific Washington, and i want you to know that I
am ok with the condition of the Garmin and the asking price as well,I
am buying the Garmin as a gift for my father and I want to surprise
him.I don't have access to my bank account on-line as i don't have
internet banking but i have my bank account attached to my PayPal
account and this is why i insisted in paying you through PayPal,kindly
get back to me with your PayPal email address and if you don't have
PayPal account yet,it is very easy to set up at your bank or online
and get it set up,after you have set it up i will only need the e-mail
address you use for registration with PayPal so as to put the money
through,I can proceed with the payment and after the payment has been
done,I have a pick up agent that will come around for verifications
and to pick the Garmin after i have made the payments for the
Garmin.So I will need you to provide me with the following information
to facilitate the making of the payment.

1.Your PayPal full name.
2.Your PayPal Email Address invoice.
3..Your phone number.

Once again ,I will like you to know that you will not be responsible
for shipping. I will have my pick-up agent come over as soon as you
have receive the payment confirmation.


My Response:

to Ray
Great. Here is my info:

1. Fed B. Invest
2. [email protected]
3. 1-800-225-5324

Your pick-up agent can retrieve the item at this address:

601 4th Street NW
Washington, DC 20535

BTW, that is the FBI field office in DC. The email address and phone number are the fraud reporting hotline. I know I should not encourage this activity but I hope I can waste just a little bit of their time by leading them on a bit.:laugher

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That drives me nuts, in part because I occasionally DO find something I want that's in a nearby Craigslist, but that is too far for me to actually drive to and purchase. For example, I had someone with a spinnaker for my boat a few months ago. He was on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, in a place I never go. It wasn't worth the hassle of trying to figure out when I could make the 2+ hour drive (each way) to pick it up. I asked if it could be shipped, and I'd pay by PayPal. Of course as soon as I mentioned PayPal, the guy stopped responding.

To your basic issue/question, I agree with your assessment - I think it's a scam.

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I do a lot of business on Paypal so that is not usually the red flag. Having a Pick-up agent and awful grammer are the giveaways for me.

BTW, I could have used a good Pick-up agent in college!

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I don't understand this I have used paypal at Autozone and Advance auto parts. there are a lot of other stores that accept it because I checked. I have a bit of money in paypal from ebay sales and this is an easy way to buy what I need. I am not associated with any of these entities.

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Shows a lot of the signs of a scam.
Bad Grammar
overly polite

I like how you handled it.

I once had all my account info lifted at Paypal. I have never used it since. Terrible company.

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I vote scam. The "buyer" will also require the following:
  1. Mother's maiden name
  2. Name of your pet
  3. Childhood friends name
  4. High School mascot
  5. City you were born in
  6. Name of your elementary school
  7. Model name of your first car

I wouldn't feel bad if you decide not to go forward with the transaction -- he can always go to Target.;)

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Had a 'carbon copy' of this when I listed a boat on

I think the first hint is the willingness to pay full asking price.. who does that??

Anyone here read the book "419"?

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I have sold marine electronics and marine safety equipment online for a number of years now. There is a standard email scam message that keeps on surfacing year after year....I mean, where do they store these things?

It usually includes a Garmin 72 portable GPS or Furuno LCD Radar or Detroit Diesel Piston Rings, or a combination of them. They don't even make some of this stuff anymore.

Been stuck 462 times. You'd think I'd learn!

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Gee, have the GMR18HD radomes gotten that expensive? I think I've got something like $900.00 in mine.
I'd take it down and sell it to this guy twice, for 5k. Want to send me his email address, please.
Next week, my lotto winnings from a lottery I never entered will be here so I'll need a good broker to sell me the Maltese Falcon. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy.
Actually, I'm getting daily emails right now from PG&E (Pacific gas & Electric) about my overdue account with them. When did they start supplying gas and electric to boats anchored in Rodney Bay St. Lucia?
Honestly, are people really dumb enough to fall for this stuff?
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