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From Louisiana to The West Coast

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Ok hello everyone. I am seeking experienced sailors and boat owners' opinions. I am 25 years young a prior Navy Sailor, commercial diver and currently commercial fisherman. I'm moving to Santa Barbara for school in the fall of 2015. I want to buy a sailboat for these purposes: a place to live, a place to do commercial diving from(big enough deck for some small equipment like volume tanks and air compressors), a place for my dog to be able to walk without the boat tilting too much, a boat that can sail across the world. I would appreciate any opinions and I ask you to spread the word on this. I am also seeking anyone who wants to take me under their wing so that I can get experience and or do some networking for a future boat purchase. I would be available as soon as mid September 2014. Thank you all.
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Welcome to the site. What school are you going to? UCSB?
Hi! I'm actually going to start out at SBCC then transfer over! Are you from the area?
My family lives in Goleta. My cousin graduated UCSB, my brother attended SBCC and I was going to attend also but joined the military instead. Good luck.
Awesome! Right on man thanks for serving!!
And I attended UCSB after getting out of the Air Force. Great place to be and a really good school.

Getting a slip, especially a liveaboard slip is almost impossible in Santa Barbara. Your better bet would be Ventura, or Channel Islands Harbor in Oxnard. I liked Channel Islands when I had my boat up there several years ago, and still keep in touch with the broker that has now sold me two boats from that harbor. But you are looking at a drive to get to class!
Can you please give me some more info? Minus the spaces my email is chancleal @ g m a il
I'm really wanting the dl on sb. Can I just anchor out and pull up to class lol? Is it ok to drop anchor off the beach a ways and then paddle back home?
There is a handful of moorings, which are leased out and an anchorage. Or at least there used to be. There were some issues with the installation of the moorings, and I don't recall if the problems were resolved. The anchorage is not protected all that well in the winter, and I believe the City has imposed restrictions on the amount of time you can stay. The time limit was done because a number of boaters anchored and stayed. During the winter storms, boats broke free from their anchors and ended up on shore. After getting stuck with the clean up several times, the City imposed restrictions.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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