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Fuel consumption vs. speed vs.noise

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Greetings one and all, hoping some of you with experience in such matters can help. I am trying to find the specs. on a 9.9hp. Outboard. (or there-abouts) I am looking for the quietest “and” most fuel efficient outboard I can find to put on a 26ft. 1994 Macgregor. I want to average 5kts./hr.
I have been told I could expect to burn ½ gallon an hour at 5000 r.p.m. and do about 5 kts. And when I repeat that to others they laugh, but all agree 4 stroke not 2. I’ve tried finding the info on line by going to Honda, or Johnson…etc. but no luck. Any ideas, comments, suggestions or experience?
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When I had my first boat (O'Day23) I was using a 9.9 Evenrude 2 stroke I was getting about 1gal. per hr. at full throttle and making about 5kts. Then I switched two a 6hp. Evenrude 2 stroke . I got a little bit better mileage . Both engines were smooth and quite . One good thing about the 6hp. was that it doubled as my dink motor too . I'm not 100% sure but I think if you are buying new, a 2 stroke would be hard to find . I don't have the O'Day anymore but I do have a Tohatsu 4 stroke . It's louder at full throttle than a 2 stroke but quitter at idle . This is just my opinion , I think you would do well 6 hp 4 stroke.
All I can definitively say is that our 4 stroke 15hp Johnson is so miserly on fuel that we nearly run out it of fuel. We go for such long periods between fill ups that we forget we actually need fuel. It is unbelievable how long it runs on 2.5 gallons of gas. Sorry though, we've never even tried to estimate consumption.
Many have also commented on how quiet it is, as well. We can talk in a normal voice when running at 2/3 throttle. So yes, 4 stroke, if you can handle the extra weight, is the way to go.
I was traveling along side a guy who had a 27 ft O'day on the river trip Chicago to Florida & he had a 2009 -8hp Honda outboard (all Hondas were and are 4 strokes).
.......*I am told the newer 4 strokes of any brand are quieter than older 4 strokes. We finally figured out he was getting @16-18 m per gallon at @5 miles per hour (not knots on river). So about 1 gallon for 3 hours -or- 1/3 gallon per hour.
Honda was quiet sometimes I asked him if it was running. He also told me he used it to cross @150 miles of the Gulf just using the Honda. BUT. He bought it new and carb broke down so many times Honda reimbursed him $1500 & they finally put in a new carb...........A 1980's Johnson 2 stroke on same trip got @7 miles per gal.

Been told Hondas should have extra fuel filter installed by you.
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