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I was traveling along side a guy who had a 27 ft O'day on the river trip Chicago to Florida & he had a 2009 -8hp Honda outboard (all Hondas were and are 4 strokes).
.......*I am told the newer 4 strokes of any brand are quieter than older 4 strokes. We finally figured out he was getting @16-18 m per gallon at @5 miles per hour (not knots on river). So about 1 gallon for 3 hours -or- 1/3 gallon per hour.
Honda was quiet sometimes I asked him if it was running. He also told me he used it to cross @150 miles of the Gulf just using the Honda. BUT. He bought it new and carb broke down so many times Honda reimbursed him $1500 & they finally put in a new carb...........A 1980's Johnson 2 stroke on same trip got @7 miles per gal.

Been told Hondas should have extra fuel filter installed by you.
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