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Fuel level sender

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I'd like to add a fuel gauge to my boat.

My tank does not have a sender, but it does have an unused port, 1" NPT, with a blanking plug installed

It is perfect for a dipstick actually (probably the reason that no previous owner installed a gauge). Senders that I have found are either a standard SAE 5 hole mounting flange, or 1 1/2" NPT screw in.

Is there a sender that would screw directly into that 1" existing fitting?
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I have good access to the existing fitting. There is about 5 inches from the top of the tank to the underside of the cabin some.

I could drill out the existing fitting and install an SAE 5 hole style sender, if necessary. Though I'd rather not.

I also have access to most of the top of the tank so I could drill a completely separate hole. Still, I'd rather not if I have other options.

I found an externally mounted ultrasonic sensor. No holes to drill at all. But it needs to mount on the bottom of the tank and shoot through the liquid. (I guess it works like a depth sounder). The tank is integral with the hull so I don't have access to the bottom.
I was thinking that you could possibly tap in a larger 1 1/2" NPT hole but a 5-inch clearance is pretty tight. It's never easy!

Oh I see. Yes there is plenty of clearance above the existing 1" fitting. Some of the tank is below the sole, about 1/2 of it's surface is directly accessible.

So I could get a tap in there, or a hole saw to drill the whole damned thing out! But first I'll give the folks at FPI a call. That was a good find, thanks Jim.
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1 - 3 of 10 Posts