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I've got a Yanmar 2GM with a mechanical fuel lift pump. It is leaking at a rate of one drop per 2 seconds. It also seems like there is diesel fuel getting in the oil. From all of the research that I have found, the pump needs to be replaced or rebuilt. Is there a kit for rebuilding this pump? I found the whole pump, but no individual parts or a kit. anyone have a parts list for the 2GM?
or would I be better off replacing the mechanical pump with an electric pump?

Also, there is a lever that moves up and down on the side of the fuel pump, what is it for? the Yanmar shop manual doesn't say anything about it.

Do both... I have both the mechanical and electrical (add-on - google my sailnet + name on it) Diesel is different from gas in the requirements of no air leakage.. and 90 % of the issues one has is from bleeding...
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