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The 22 gallon diesel aluminum tank on my Freedom 33, hull 34, showed leakage, fortunately up very high in the tank.
I drained it and opened it, and found the hole quickly on the aft wall, right below the weld of the wall and the top. (The weld, though, is fine)

I found three more potential leak areas, dark discolorations of the alumminum, all but one also up high on the walls. The last one was on the bottom. That one became a holw as I touched it, it was that far gone.

These are all very small, local, islolated areas., ranging in size from a quarter to a half dollar. The rest of the tank, including all the welds, are in excellent condition. As far as I know, the wiring of the anti-galvanic corrosion system has always been in place.
I own the boat for almost 30 years now)

I plan to overlay the hole and potential holes with 1/8"aluminum plate, embedded in 5200. When that is cured, I want to coat the entire tank with some hi-build flexible tankliner, such as are used in the aiorcraft industry.

I wonder if anyone else has gone thouigh this proess, one way or the other?
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