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I have some great stories about little "mishaps" on our boats through the years. Would love to hear some of everyone else's funny mishaps.

My personal favorite mishap? We were here in the Exumas:

anchored out in the anchorage and I took the dinghy in to shore to let our dog have a land break. After pulling the dinghy up on shore far enough from the water that I was certain it would stay put like a good little dinghy, Sugar (the dog) and I set off for a romp around the island.

Upon our return (only about 10 minutes later) that dinghy was nowhere to be seen. Scanning the water I see him drifting away as if to say "later suckers!". Sugar and I started swimming as fast as we could. We were eventually rescued by a neighboring sailor in his dinghy and we hunted down the unruly dinghy.

Next time we took a dinghy anchor with us to shore.
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