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Well after having two 8" 3DNavNets onboard now for a year I have some suggestions to those considering this system. Main thing is if you plan to sail outside USA and NOAA free charts do not buy the 3D NavNet.
Buying charts could not be made more difficult or more expensive. You can buy the charts ONLY from Furuno and their authorized dealers. The charts are expensive and they charge you extra to put them on SD cards as this is the only way they can be loaded to the plotter. All charts are pass protected to work ONLY on your plotter so they can not be sold or traded later. The vector charts (and these are the only charts available for the Med) are horrible. No marina information, only fair display, and no chart view when scrolled out beyond just 25nm. So when you need a chart you must first find a Furuno dealer. Then you must find one who knows how to download the charts and transfer them to SD cards. Then you must pay that dealer up to $150 above the cost of the chart (normally around $400/chart), and finally you must find the dealer who even if they have the know how will agree to do it. It really really sucks!!!
Second, there is currently no software including Furunos own MaxSea that will interface with 3DNavNet. They keep saying it is coming but who knows, also it will be very expensive.
Bottom line there is no worse system for chart delivery on the market than that for 3DNavNet
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