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If you are seriously jonesing for a sail, you might carry a long oar and some line to lash it to the top of the rudder post. With that you should be able use the oar to steer your way back home should your temporary rudder fail.

If you are capable of fabricating and welding Stainless steel, then it might make sense to weld an entirely new new rudder post assembly including the post itself.


Shortly before my brother and I both put our cruising sailboats up for sail we did a nutso circumnavigatiin of the Western Thousand Islands on my Walker Bay 8. It took us about 3 days in some pretty blustery conditions. We ended up breaking the tiller and both oars with the WB8's extreme weather healm in heavy wind, but we had a stupid amount of fun (enough for both of us to sell our cruising boats).

I haven't sailed the WB8 much in the last few years, but I have connected with some dudes planning an 8' max sail and oar race. This time I have upgraded oars, oar locks and tiller. Locked and loaded :)

Any way, long way of saying, you can steer a small boat pretty well with your oars.
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