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Bill, if you don't plan on installing another oven, then the extra space could be used for either a cabinet or drawers. That alone shouldn't be too difficult. The comments about top loading box, I wouldn't worry about. The only counter space I have IS the door to the icebox. When it's closed, no problem. Just a matter of getting what you need and organizing before you prepare foods. to me, a minor issue.

Will it be just an icebox or will you be installing a fridge compressor system? Just have to plan out how much space you'll have left once the insulation is in place. I have seen some good fridge modifications. So, I think, it could be well worth it for the extra trouble.

Good luck to you.

A friend recently installed an Engle fridge drawer
I've heard good things about the Engle boxes. Another Nor'sea owner has one, a cooler type I think.

In a two week delivery discussed elsewhere in SailNet we used the oven for stuffed shells; lasagna; bacon; baked chicken; steaks; roasted cauliflower; roast pork loin with potatoes, carrots, and celery; and probably something else that slips my mind. I didn't get around to baking bread or making cookies this trip.

In short, an oven is an important element in any kitchen or galley. To leave an oven out of galley remodeling plans is short-sighted.
Good info, Dave.
During my refit, I've considered putting in an oven, not just for pizza, but for a lot of similar things you mentioned here. Not interested in cutting into my nice galley cabinetry right now, but it does make sense to keep it in mind. I don't look at it as losing storage space, but gaining another tool for cooking a wider variety of food.
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