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Galvanic isolators

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Defender shows four thirty amp isolators made by Guest, Newmar, Pro Mariner and Yandina, costing from $90 to $300. Does anyone have experience with these models or can recommend any one of them. My only AC load is the battery charger, but I've been going through zincs at a rapid pace.
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Wondering the exact same thing...hopefully someone will weigh in.
Very good to know, thanks!

My next question would be, where is the 'best' place to mount the isolator? I'm assuming that there would be room behind the boat's electrical power cb/control panel. I realize this will very much depend upon the layout of the boat, so in my case I'd be doing the install in a Catalina 30.

I did look at the DEI isolator, and the physical size and shape makes it look like finding a good spot for it should not be too difficult.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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