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Does the 440 save everything (tracks, waypoints, routes) in a file with a .adm extension (UserData.adm)? I have the 540 and have found that almost no one has PC charting software that understands this file format.

The ones I've found are:

GPS Utility: the free version will only transfer a limited number of waypoints.
The full version is $60 I think.

Garmin Trip & Waypoint manager: This is what I went with, it's about $25 I think and it will read and write several of the more common waypoint/track formats (like gpx). Between that and GPSBabel you should be able to convert to most any format. I had to update the software online before it would read my card, but this wasn't hard to do. I put the card into my cardreader and the program will load all the data.

It would be nice if GPSBabel would work directly on the adm file but no one has written that translator yet as far as I can tell.

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