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The 7-year-old butt connector splice for my Garmin GPS 17 antenna fially gave up. I would like to beak the unit apart and use the flat connector to attach the wires directly to the cable running from the antenna to the chartplotter but I can't figure how to get it apart short of forcing it. I know this will compromise the factory seal byt I now have a very short pigtail out of the antenna and it will make for an impractical/poorly located (as it always was)/ugly splice and I want to put it back properly I have plenty of cable below decks that I can pull up. Any insight? Is this a pry-apart unit, glued together, screw on.

Found this pic of one disassembled on the web but no other info:

Need help fixing Garmin antenna cables - The Hull Truth - Boating and Fishing Forum

Here's mine:

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