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Closeup view of the repair showing that line from the peel ply. I thought it was interesting that layer of material in the hull with regularly spaced holes or dimples or whatever. That was a fair bit softer than the layers of glass above and below.
That peel ply crease was probably where the peel ply was folded prior to application. Folds in it have memory and don't straighten out easily. It's no issue - the peel ply does what it's supposed to do, and you need to fair regardless.

The layer of material is coremat, which is a thick punched non-glass compressed fabric mat. Sometimes it also contains microballoons. It is soft. Used inside a layup, its purpose is to more quickly bulk up the thickness without using many layers of glass - think of it as a mini core. Used on the outside of a layup, it is to prevent print-through of the underlying glass layers - works better than CSM for this. However, in both cases, it provides very little strength and really soaks up resin.

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