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I fly both an asymmeterical and symmetrical spinnakers. The asymmetrical works best on a beam reach; the symmetrical works best DDW or broad reaching. I don't use a sock. I store them in and launch them from plastic laundry baskets secured by bungee cords. Raising and dousing are fairly easy if you use the main wind shadow and your lines are ready to run (which they should be at all times). Take your time setting up the lines. Gybing is the hardest part, which will be much easier with your wife there steering through the gybe, while you work the pole and/or sheets.

For your kind of displacement hull, I advise you to learn how to fly your symmetrical spinnaker. It is easier than you would think; it is fun; and there is really no substitute for DDW or deep reaching angles. It will make you a better sailor, too!

Yes, they are both quite a bit faster than a genoa in light air - you may be doubling your sail area with a spinnaker.



and one more, SFBaySSS Transpac winner Adrian Johnson flying a symmetrical on his Olson 30, which he also flew solo (doublehanded in video):

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