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If you've got all the gear I'd not be so fast to reject the idea of using the standard symmetrical. It's got a lot more going for it performance/DW angle wise than any Asymm. It's also, IMO, more straightforward (and easier on the sail itself) to gybe than an Asymm, esp if you have an autopilot to hold/change course while one of you handles the pole and the other the sheets/guys. In terms of area it's also usually a bit smaller than the asymm.

For those considering their first kite, an Asymm is a popular idea because of the reduced cost of gear and rigging.

We use both, but if it's not virtually guaranteed to be full-on broad to beam reach, we'll throw up the regular kite.

Whichever, don't choose TOO calm a day for the first go.. nothing more frustrating than trying to fly a spinnaker the first time without enough wind to fill it.
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