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I doubt that the dacron UV shield that Doyle glued to our new 135% adds even a pound to the weight of the sail and it certainly has no effect on the general use of the sail. I'm not sure what the comment about heavy sheets or cloth has to do with furling. But I would think the cost of luff tape and foam (if you want it) is a toss up versus hanks.

That said, I still think that the furling genoa is the bestest invention for a sailor who has to leave the boat most nights. Combining with a UV shield, the system allows you to spend most of your sailing time...sailing.
Agree completely... Sunbrella is really a piss-poor choice for a UV cover for a furling jib, the lighter adn more abrasion-resistant dacron stuff is far superior, it's a mystery to me why so many sailmakers continue to use it...

Why not just use a hank on sail that is the appropriate size with proper sized sheets and sail cloth for half the cost. Drop it on deck and stuff it in a deck bag. You might be surprised at how fast and wonderful your boat sails with hank-on sails.
Well, you might be surprised at the eminent practicality of RF for shorthanded cruising, and how wonderfully many larger boats sail with furling headsails... :)

I doubt a guy like Brad van Liew would have made it around much quicker, using hanked-on sails...

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