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Perhaps I'm missing something here but I can hank a sail on in about 5 minutes and bag it in the same. So we go to roller furling to make life easy but the weight of the all purpose sail hinders our boats sailing ability, heavy sheets, heavy cloth, luff tape and foam not to mention expense. Now finally some brilliant people are figuring this all out. Why not just use a hank on sail that is the appropriate size with proper sized sheets and sail cloth for half the cost. Drop it on deck and stuff it in a deck bag. You might be surprised at how fast and wonderful your boat sails with hank-on sails.
I have not used this system but I can tell you I'm way to lazy to use it, the end result would be more UV damage to my sailing because I would be tempted to leave them un covered till the end of my trip. What about offshore when you couldn't or wouldn't want to use this system, your sail would be at the mercy 24 hours a day for weeks on end. I'm very interested in this thread and people re results, great topic.
Your boat is what, 23'? On bigger boats, it's not quite that easy, or safe to "Drop it on deck and stuff it in a deck bag", especially in heavy weather conditions. My genoa weighs something over 200 pounds and is made of cloth that can rip your fingernails out, flogging around while I'm trying to keep it in control as I drop it.
Thank you very, very much for your suggestion, but I think I'll stick with my roller furling, which works wonderfully, by the way, and is controlled from the cockpit.
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