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When I bought my Valiant 37 the genoa sheets were 3/4",
Holy moley! :eek:

to big for the Barient 28 ST winch.
I should think so. 3/4" would probably be too big for the Harken 40s on our boat.

How does one decide on the size of sheet to use.
It's a trade-off between size and hand feel. Bigger-diameter lines are easier to get a good grip on, but they're heavier, take up more space on winches, and are more expensive.

How would I find the recommended sheet size for the winch?
I don't know as there is such a thing.

We're using 7/16" StaSet for jib/genoa sheets because 7/16" was what we were replacing. There's also a set of 3/8" sheets in the locker, which would probably be better for the light air genoa.

Our main halyard is 7/16" something-or-other, and it works fine on our #28 cabin-top winches.

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