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I guess the owners of those huge houses seen from the water bring more income into the state than all us poor boat owners?
They just write bigger campaign contribution checks. Without those, do you really think any Florida legislator would care one way or the other about anchored boats? If we could just get Boat US or some other lobbying group to match the bribes,-- I mean campaign contributions-- of those pushing for the anchoring laws.

But, I agree. The only use I have for south Florida any more, is a place to stop on the way to the Bahamas. (And, you are right to only blame south Florida. Florida is really two states, with the dividing line just north of Orlando.) The new South Florida residents want it to be New York and New Jersey with palm trees so bad they don't know what to do.

The last time I came back from the Bahamas, I stopped in Miami and Clearwater for fuel, and didn't spend a penny more in south Florida. The bad part is going to be when they finally finish Florida off with condos, and start looking for the next place to despoil. Carl Hiassen saw this coming a long time ago.

I think the most annoying thing is that Florida is so tolerant of serious crime when it is committed by the right person. We once watched a condo developer bring in a crew and chainsaw down an acre of mangroves to build a new condo off of the ICW back around 2002, 0r 2003. When the Florida DEQ man showed up and started telling them to stop, they just kept chainsawing and when they were done, gave him a name and told them to call the person and tell them them what the fine would be. We later heard it was 1.25 million and they just wrote the check as a planned expense to build the condos.

We're lucky that all they are asking is for boats not to be allowed to anchor. Because if they wanted a law banning boats, they would get that, too.
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