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Getting a group together for discount captains license course

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Now is the time to get that Captain's license that you've been wanting.

Putting together a group so we can all save money with a group rate.

Are you interested? New York City or Long Island. Edit..this could also be the online course so location doesn't matter.

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I went through Mariners Learning System. It's on-line. The study materials work fine. The nice thing about this course is that it is very affordable and you do not have to take the Coast Guard exam. Their exam is approved. I believe their average grade on an exam is 94%. Right now for about $850 you get the course material for OUPV, 25/50/100Ton Upgrade, Sail Endorsement and Tow Endorsement. They also run specials here and there like buy one course at full price and get 50% off the same course for a friend. If you do this course, it is important to sign up for the exam relatively soon as it is proctored in various locations around the country. They may only be in your area a couple/few of times per year.

here is the website: Captain's License Online | Mariners School |

Self-Study is not for everyone but it worked just fine for me. A great way would be for a group to sign up then to form a study group.

Also, I don't know that anyone has mentioned this but you don't just get a 100 Ton ticket. You take the master upgrade course and with a passing grade you will be issued at least a 25 Ton license. Any higher depends on the types of vessels you have experience operating. To get a 100 Ton you will likely need experience on larger recreational vessels. So, if the largest vessel you have experience on is a Catalina 36 (not to pick on anyone) you will not get a 100 ton ticket. A good friend has a 42 ft Trawler that comes in at 36 GRT. The reason for my 50 ton was experience piloting an 80ft, 80 GRT heritage tug (ex working boat now a yacht). Enough experience for a 50 Ton license but not enough for a 100. Maybe an upgrade is in the future but that's up to the Coast Guard.

Someone asked what a 50 or 100 Ton vessel would look like. Keep in mind that Gross Tonnage is a measure of volume (cargo capacity) and has nothing to do with weight. As mentioned above a late '70s Grand Banks Style Trawler at 42 LOA comes in at 36 GRT. 100 GRT would be pretty big I have to think 60+ LOA for a Trawler

I decided to get my captain's license so I could teach sailing. Those who kick it around casually, be warned. The process will have you seeing red. You will jump through many hoops. from the time I put in all of my paperwork, physical, drug test, TWIC Card, it still took 4 months for the Coast Guard to issue my license. this is for a person with prior security clearances, god knows how many background checks, and current financial licenses of various types.

All that said, it is pretty cool knowing that you are a real Captain.

Peace friends,

Doug Powers
Captain, 50GRT
Seattle, WA
ASA 101, 103, 104, 105
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As far as learning something; if your hours have mostly been on an Outbound 46 including offshore time, I doubt you will learn anything new that is useful. The only things that were new to me were the legal requirements such as lights and day signals to display while towing. The diameter of fire hose required on inspected vessels. A captain's license course is to learn how to pass the test.

I assume you meant ASA, not SAS (among other things, a fencing club in Seattle). Yes, you would need it for that.

Insurance I can't speak on.

US Merchant Mariner credential does not qualify as an ICC (International Certificate of Competency) as the US is not signatory to the maritime treaty that covers it. As such, my understanding is that it does not carry a whole lot of weight in the EU. I was reading about it on "Noonsite", Jimmy Cornell's website. You can browse it at The site is a bit clunky and it can difficult to find your way back to an article once you have left the site but there is a lot of good info.
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