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Getting a group together for discount captains license course

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Now is the time to get that Captain's license that you've been wanting.

Putting together a group so we can all save money with a group rate.

Are you interested? New York City or Long Island. Edit..this could also be the online course so location doesn't matter.

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Back before electricity (1980) I bought a two-book prep course for 40 bucks, and read it. I had enough time for what was then called "Ocean Operator", now known as Master, Near Coastal, on inspected vessels. When I say "had enough time", I had grown up around the water, raced, cruised, worked in (Dad's) yacht brokerage/sales, delivered some of those boats around New England (from Marblehead). Even so, and being a Boy Scout about the "days", I had to count my time rowing out to these boats and back to get what I recall was 3 years of 8-hour days in order to get Auxiliary sail also.

I was on active duty in the Coast Guard at the time, which may or may not have something to do with why they let me sit for 100 tons instead of 25 or 50. I thought the test was fairly easy after studying the books. And having taken Power Squadron as a teenager helped.

So if you have the time, go for the Inspected Vessel license, even if only for the minimum of 25 tons. You never know when you may get a spot on a Certificated vessel.

I'm not saying you should try to do it with just books, but it did work for me. Do I use my license? Yes, in sailing lessons I teach part-time (since the boats have outboard or inboard engine), and very occasionally as mate or second captain on dive boats (converted from crewboats, triple-screw, 99 gross tons, a lot of commercial boats are designed to fit just inside a particular tonnage license).

It's almost simpler to go for the biggest license you can qualify for, same cost, same medical quals, different test yes, but it's doable.

Of course this was 35 years ago. But I do the open-book exams every 5 years, and get the 7-page medical form done with all the circles and arrows and waivers for us, uh, mature applicants.

So if you do the course, sit for the biggest license you can. The course people will help you evaluate this, I would bet. And best of luck.
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1 - 1 of 33 Posts
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