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Hi everyone.

I have been hooked on sailing since my brother-in-law and I rented a hobbie cat 16 at Bear Lake, Utah. Neither of us had any experience. After a few pointers from the kid in the rental shack, we were off and running. The first time that the craft really took off I was amazed. With a rush of acceleration from nothing but the sound of the wind and the humm in the tiller arm, I felt a jolt of exhilaration that I have never since forgotten.

A few years later, after reading most things I could get my hands on, I bought an old 1981 22’ US Yacht that was trailered in an alfalfa field in Riverton, Utah.. That first summer I put it in a slip at the Great Salt Lake Marina and sailed and learned through trial and error…and reading. The next 5 or 6 summer I kept a slip in Bear Lake Marina and sailed up there as much as I could.

Unfortunately, other activities made it hard to get out much and the last few years the boat I call “Sunkist” has been dry and at the side of my house. At the end of the season last year, I get her ready and we took her back to Bear Lake for a week and enjoyed the time up there again.

Now our schedules have settled down a bit (our youngest starts college this year) and I think that we need to get back in the boat again. Reading some of the posts here on SailNet are inspiring and motivating tome to do just that.

Thanks in advance for all your stories, thoughts, and advice.
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