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hey everyone been a while since ive been on here i last posted asking for help and advice regarding can a blind person sail and quickly found out yes they can i have massive vision loss and during the summer this year starting sailing at my local club starting off as a small role and learning very fast next summer i hope to sail solo if i feel i have enough confidence and know how before the club ends for winter i have also been looking to work as a crew to gain more experience but so far no one has sent me any response but i am hopeful i am in the mean time saving up for official lessons in sailing and other lessons in navigation and many more my aim is to live aboard one day and sail to visit new places meet new people and live the lifestyle because to me its a better way of life and it gives me a purpose and the feeling of ability rather than disability

when i announced my plans to my friends and forums i got a very mixed response but mostly negative ones from friends family and even in forums because of my severe vision loss i want to thank those who have supported me advised me and who continue to help me in my learning curve ive spent many hours working around problems and challenges i will face and one by one i am being creative and finding a solution around that problem and go onto the next one to conquer i am starting to feel more and more confident in my plans and i believe that it will happen

sailing has started to open my mind in many was creativity confidence happiness and the very skills that im learning have benefitted at home in situations which have changed my way of thinking to a more positive way in looking after myself and most of all being self sufficient and not depending or relying on people so much

my transition is still a work in progress and still early but its starting to take hold i want a second opinion on what others think who knows the lifestyle well do you think its possible? what are your thoughts and feelings about this?

it matters to me of others opinions because i hope to feel included but if its negative it wont deter me i truly believe anything is possible if you want it bad enough and if thats the case you will always find a solution around any obstacle if you put your mind to it with dedication

well i hope to hear others response to my plans and my situation where i am at and i hope everyone is ok and well



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I guess the only barrier to anything is going to be you, so if you think you can do it, then why not go for it. I find this young lady quite inspiring, Miss Isle :: Home and a real testament to what can be achieved given the will to do so (and the money in that particular case which always helps).
I'd be interested to hear how you plan to do things with a significant loss of vision, a huge part of sailing is done using the MkI eyeball and no amount of electronics is going to alert you to a crab pot in the way, or a even a kayaker up ahead.
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