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Getting ready to make the dream come true

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Hi there!
Basically, my name is Max, I am 26 years old, got bitten by the sailing bug about 4 years ago, since then occasionally spent few months sailing in Mediterian, got license from IYT.

Now seriously considering making a break from the office, and spending a couple of years cruising. My idea is to sail maybe 1-2-3 years, then settle down somewhere to make kids, let grew them to 5-6 years age, and then if situation allows sail again with them. Well, I know the saying that if you want to make the god laugh, tell him about your plans :) So we'll see how it would happend in reality, at least for now this ideas looks very appealing to me.

I want to say great thanks to people who created this community, it's indeed a huge help when you have so much questions, that even remembering the list is hard ;)

I am planing on reading on all articles from the Articles section first, then will start bugging the experience people here with all kind of question a poor person bit by the sailing bug has. However, if you somebody reading this have any time and wish to give any kind of general advice I would really appreciate it. Specifically the questions in my head right now are:

1. I understand the choosing a boat to buy is all about how you are going to use it. Since eventually I would like to conduct a circumnavigation, but apparently I am lacking experience for this, so I was thinking maybe spend a year or two in the Mediterian, but does it worth to buy now something more popular in that area, and then after 1-2 years, gaining more experience and getting ready for it to sell it for the change to the more heavy-weather capable boat? I would not anyway guess all the variables right away for the blue-water cruiser being such inexperience at this stage? Or is it worth to make an effort and try to buy the boat that would fit the future circumnavigation needs?

2. What are the general rules for planing a safe and pleasant voyage? I mean like have to make sure I am not in Caribbean in hurricane season? What about Samoa, Tonga and the French Polynesia areas? The recent Tsunami have reminded about the risks of being in those areas? I absolutely don't understand the impact on cruisers located in that region of tsunami that happened there few days ago, or the tsunami in Asia in 2004 ? Is it like warranted boat destruction and small survival chances for cruisers? Or there are safety measures like planing or specific actions to be taken during tsunami that can safe your boat and life?

3. Sailing around Africa, how safe it is, anybody doing it? I've been reading few blogs, couldn't find anybody who have been cruising around Africa? I guess the safety is a reason here?

4. Same question about sailing around south america.

5. If I am starting my route from Europe, and want to get to Austria/New Zealand eventually, which route would you suggest me? Is there a reasonable way how to make it counter-clockwise, i mean not by crossing the atlantic but the opposite direction, or I am talking about something stupid here?

6. I've been taught that multihulls are much less safe and less capable for commiting a circumnavigation because of their inability to go upwind, and inability to return back after capsize. How much is this just a biassed opinion of the person who just likes monohulls more?

Anyway, if somebody have any input on what I wrote above would be apreciated. Sorry if some of my questions sounded completely lame.
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