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I've been shopping for an older, smaller (under 30') shoal draft boat, and I've run into several (Morgans, Irwins, and others) that were originally keel/centerboarders, but where a PO has chosen to "glass in" the CB slot to convert to a fixed shoal draft keel instead. In other respects some of these are good and well-priced boats, but in my local shallow, shoaling Florida waters, IMO a keel/CB is the best compromise between gunkholing and going to weather.

So, a question - does anyone have any experience (preferably), or insight, into what it would take to reverse a "glassed-in" repair of a (formerly) keel/CB boat and to restore/rebuild a functioning keel/CB mechanism?

A few caveats:
1 - Yes I realize this will differ in the particulars among various models of boats, but I'm trying to get a general idea as to whether this is something that has been done, or can as a practical matter be done both safely and at reasonable cost.

2 - Yes, I realize that a boat that already has a (still) functioning CB would be cheaper (probably) and easier, and that fixed shoal keel boats are less subject to breakage and might sail (nearly) as well in many/most conditions. Intend to daysail and cruise the bays and gulf coast primarily.

Still there is some charm to overseeing a new CB installation, if done right - at least its initial condition won't be a mystery. :) I'm assuming I'd probably have to find or have made a suitable replacement CB, pin, pennant, winch, etc., but the biggest issue in my mind is how difficult the restoration of a CB slot might be, and how safely it could be done - and whether a naval architect would need to be involved, or a just good fiberglass man.

Thoughts? Or am I just crazed by the August heat to even consider such a thing?
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