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Just a guess, but it would seem like a simple matter to re-open the slot.
You could grind down the overlapped glass to lead? and fair and barrier coat. Or not. The other related work you mentioned would be where most of the time and expense would come in.

You'd have to hang it high enough to access everything. Assuming you need a new board, that's likely to be custom fabrication plus winch, cable, pivot. etc. If all removed.

When you say overseeing? does that mean you'd pay a yard to do the work?
I don't know what the yard rates in Florida are, but if anywhere near the $100.00/hr up here...I'd suggest you look for a working centerboard, or a shoal keel. Or be prepared for sticker shock.

There are plenty of days where I don't touch my board, but this week I used it 3 times. I imagine the PO's didn't sail much to weather if at all..maybe they didn't like the noise while living aboard..
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